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NOVAH, with the purpose of ‘Delight People, Achieve Dreams’, dedicating in making habitable working environment for more customers, enhance user experience, co-create a value-added workplace together with our customer. Being a company with solid capability of Research & Development, Operation and Manufacturing,Space Planning Consultancy, Distribution and Service.

NOVAH develops product and service strategy from the global perspective, by imbedding information and digital technology to the furniture system, to enhance comfort and productivity to all organizations. Product lines cover Desk, Seating, Panel, Lounge, Partition, with a lot design patent of each category.

Sales and service network expanding rapidly in the past years, and have successfully provide total solution for many Fortune 500 based clients, Multi-National Companies, and Fast Growing Firms in this fast changing land.

NOVAH Operation Center located in Shanghai, 25,000 square meters, composed of R&D, Operation and Manufacturing for all office furniture system.

NOVAH Operation Center introduced a series of world-class machineries, and inspection devices, to achieve a high level manufacturing and quality consistency. talent management team, and skillful operators, makes sure capacity of 50M per month. Production line contains Panels, Storages, Seatings etc. Distribution crossover the whole nation, Great China and Asia Pacific Market as well. Partnering with global brands with licensed manufacturing.

SAFETY, WELLNESS, QUANLITY are the foundation of NOVAH manufacturing system, we deliver fast and easy professional product service to our customer through advanced production system and operation mode.

NOVAH LOFT OF INNOVATION built up in 2012, open up to public as a flagship showroom of NOVAH worldwide. Not only for product display and demonstration purpose, but more important for user experience and co-creating space of all customers and partners. 1F – Showroom, 2F –Meeting & Training, 3F – member use office, throughout 5,000 square meters in total.

It was re-built based upon an original factory building containing LOFT architectural style with itself, openness, fluid, transparency, all makes it a real time living space, and allow users to enjoy the fun of work. Because of the way it was designed and built with every detail element, NOVAH LOFT OF INNOVATION was honored LEED GOLD

Rating level by USGBC (United States of Green Building Consul) in 2013, and continued to lead the industry towards a sustainable business for this world.


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    86 21 6393 2688

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    Loft A5, DaNing Central Square, No.700 Wanrong Rd, Shanghai,200072上海市万荣路700号大宁中央广场A5幢(如需观光,请先预定联络本地展厅)